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Barceloneta is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Barcelona. The former fishermen’s town, forms an inseparable entity with the beach of the same name, and quite frankly, neither one could exist without the other.

You can’t miss a visit to this dynamic part of Barcelona!


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Brief history of Barceloneta

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Barceloneta was first laid out on the 18th century, in order to give housing for all the displaced residents with the construction of the Ciutadella. Even though nowadays it’s highly demanded and in fashion, its first settlers were fishermen that lived in pretty rough conditions.

These situation changed gradually when the first houses were built. Today, Barceloneta still holds to the small fishermen’s town charm, but at the same time, it’s filled with activity, restaurants and nightlife. It’s one of the city’s magnets for leisure.


Guided tour of the Barceloneta

What to see in Barceloneta

Hitting the beach is top priority and it doesn’t matter the season, Barceloneta beach is the most famous in the city.

You can also enjoy:

  • Some of the best seafood restaurants in town. The offer is excellent and generous so is the perfect spot for dining out.
  • Have a drink or snack in a “Chiringuito“. Enjoy a cocktail or beer, whilst listening to music with your feet in the sand.
  • Practicing sports along the beach promenade. Biking, running and skating are very popular options.
  • After the beach, head to Maremagnum for a relaxed shopping experience.
  • Visit the Barcelona Aquarium, a winning choice if you travel with children. Home to over 450 different species, it has over 35 habitats and an incredible 80 mt (262 ft) long underwater tunnel.
  • Finally, take a ride on Barcelona’s Port Cable Car (Aeri del Port), the easiest way to get to Montjuïc and get the best views of all the neighborhood and La Rambla. This is the real deal for getting the most exciting views of aerial Barcelona.
Barceloneta was ranked by National Geographic as the #1 spot on the Top 10 Beach Cities in the world.

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No neighborhood in Barcelona is closest to the beach. Some residents here can walk out of their buildings and set their feet on the sand after just a few steps. The same goes for all the bars and restaurants scattered across every street.

How to get there

Take the metro Line 4 and go to Barceloneta Station. You can also take the following buses: 39, 45, 59, 64, V15, D20.


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