In the past 20 years, Barcelona’s coastline has changed dramatically, from oblivion and carelessness to having the best urban beaches not only in the Mediterranean, but in the whole world according to National Geographic, adding yet another asset to the wide range of attractions Barcelona already has.

A huge project to revamp all the coastline took place in 1992 for the Olympic Games, where old industrial buildings and temporary, informal neighborhoods were torned down, in order to incorporate the sea into the city life, bringing to life the shiny Port Olympic.

The result was a stunning 4,2 km (2.8 mi) boardwalk filled with new hotels, marinas, docks, restaurants, and a new set of beaches as well as the recovery of the old ones.

All of them are well communicated with the city’s public transport system, and have been approved with the European Union’s blue flag, as excellent quality beaches.

Best Barcelona beaches

Whether you’re looking for a quiet day on the beach, or a full-action packed summer day, Barcelona has a beach for every taste.

Services at the Barcelona beaches


Barcelona Beach Map

  • You won’t miss comodities and services like medical attendance and Red Cross lifeguards.
  • Some of the beaches have sunbeds for rent.
  • There are restaurants and chiringuitos in most of them.
  • There are showers, public toilets, and even dressing rooms available (in some beaches).
  • Sports like beach volleyball, surf, sailing and windsurf can be practiced.
  • Summer in Barcelona is quite longer if compared to other European destinations. It’s perfectly possible to hit the beach since late April way into mid October. Even in wintertime you can find someone who dares to try the water.
  • Populating the beaches are a string of colorful characters that have become inseparable to the Barcelona beach life, such as illegal beer and soda vendors as well as casual, low-priced (and most likely unrealible) masseuses.
  • Nudity is permitted in Marbella and Sant Sebastià beaches, with a mixed nude/dressed crowd.
  • Safety is pretty acceptable, however you should heep an eye on your things all the time.

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