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Most of the better known Gaudi buildings are located in Barcelona, but the work of this remarkable genius can also be found just outside the city. Such is the case of the church in Colonia Guell, also known as Gaudi’s Crypt. This temple, built for the textile estate of Santa Coloma de Cervellò, became an experimental lab for all the architectural innovations that Gaudi developed in his future works.

Comprehensive history of Gaudi’s Crypt

To begin with, the Guell family commissioned this project to Gaudi in 1898. The same promoters behind Park Güell and Palau Guell. Like in any architect’s perfect dream, Gaudi was given total freedom and unlimited budget to build the church for the textile state of Colonia Guell, an industrial colony that housed and improved the living conditions of the workers at the time.

Gaudi’s project was bold and ambitious, featuring a five naves structure and a 40 meters high central dome. Construction started in 1908, but fearing that the building would cost too much money and would be too big for such a small town, the Guell family cut the funding in 1914, forcing Gaudi to abandon the project.


gaudi crypt

A crypt and not a church

During that time, Gaudi was only able to build the lower nave, which made up the church’s crypt.

In spite of being unfinished, it was kept that way because of its beauty and harmonic lines, Finally, it was consecrated in 1915 by the Bishop of Barcelona. A couple of years later, the roof was completed by another architect.

The legacy of Gaudi’s Crypt

The freedom Gaudi had in the church of Colonia Guell, allowed him to experiment with new materials as well as applying new ideas into the design.

As a result, many of his most famous innovations can be seen as a whole in the crypt. A visit will take you further into his genius innovations and the symbolic interpretations of his design.

The crypt was heavily refurbished in 2000, making it a tourist attraction of its own. Since then, it’s possible to walk up to the roof, a place that would have been the church’s main floor. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.

gaudi crypt

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This visit with audioguide features many stops. Beside the visit to the crypt, take a walk along the streets of the former industrial colony, and discover other examples of Modernist architecture. We encourage a visit to the Interpretation Center, that features a permanent exhibition that covers the history of the textile state. Audioguide is available in 8 languages (English included).


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How to get to Gaudi’s Crypt

Gaudi’s Crypt is located 30 minutes away of Barcelona. A train service by FGC railway is available to visit the crypt. Start your trip in Plaza España station with Lines S33, S8 or S4. Your journey ends in Colonia Güell station. Once there, cross the road and follow the blue signals on the floor that will guide you to the visitors center.


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