Las Golondrinas is one of the most traditional excursions in Barcelona. It’s a typical motor launched boat that makes a ride through the Barcelona harbour and sea front, so you can view the city from a completely different point of view.

A traditional attraction in Barcelona

Why is it so traditional? It was one of the first touristic attractions ever created in Barcelona. Dating back to 1888, it was conceived to coincide with the Universal Exposition and the conclusion of Columbus monument. Las Golondrinas is a ride that most likely you won’t forget.

Ride in Las Golondrinas

The ride takes you to the Barcelona harbour so you can witness great views the Barcelona coast along the spectacular skyline. Here you can view Hotel W, Barceloneta Beach, the Olympic Port, Sagrada Familia and Agbar Tower, just to name a few. This ride lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Las Golondrinas is a quiet ride that allows you to see another side of Barcelona, and you can bring all the family on board while you can take snapshots of the city or just relax and enjoy the fabulous view of Barcelona.


Buy tickets for Las Golondrinas


Ticket Office Colón: Portal de la Pau, right across the street in front of Columbus Monument by the Port
Metro Line 3: Drassanes. Bus: 14, 36, 59, 64, 91


Center map

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