Completely recognizable for being the closest beach to W Hotel, Sant Sebastià Beach, along with Sant Miquel Beach right next to it, are among the first beaches in Barcelona. Sant Miquel has been functioning as a beach way back since 1755.


Although they are different beaches, it’s hard to tell where does Sant Sebastià beach ends and where does Sant Miquel starts, but together they mark the start (or the end) of the Barceloneta Beach Promenade. Together they measure over 1.500 mts (close to 5.000 Ft).

Around 70% of the users at these beaches are Barcelona residents, but they’re becoming very popular among foreigners as well.

Some of the most important sports clubs in Barcelona, like the Club Natació Barcelona are located right next to Sant Sebastià Beach, which features some nudist areas.

Services in Sant Sebastià & Sant Miquel Beach

  • Showers and public restrooms.
  • Checkroom.
  • Sport areas.
  • Sunbeds and beach umbrella renting.
  • Icecream and beverages kiosk.
  • Lifeguard watch.

How to get there:

Metro Line 4: Barceloneta.
Bus: 39, 64, V15

Map of the Area

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