The best 5 underground electronic parties in Barcelona


Image: L’Atlàntida Facebook Page

The electronic music party scene is quite busy in Barcelona. Oftentimes the best parties are a one time thing or random events, however these are the best 5 underground electronic parties in Barcelona that happen frequently at a specific place.

L´Atlàntida Barcelona

This club can be considered “The club of the Barcelona summer” by two facts: it’s in front of the sea and has a magnificent outdoor pool, as well as being quite spacious. Different types of parties take place depending on the day of the week.

The events on Friday at L´ Atlàntida are organized by FACT , promoter group of international relevance, satisfying the most demanding tastes in reference to styles like minimal, tech house or softer line techno.

At parties organized by FACT you can enjoy performances by Dj’ss such a Adriatique, Anja Schneider, Craig Richards, Davide Squillace, East End Dubs and others as equally important on the worldwide electronic music scene.

Saturdays at BeCool

Saturday nights at BeCool have become one of the most wanted parties in Barcelona for techno lovers.

These parties are organized by Javi Lago, Sintetics Label manager from Barcelona, who also have residence once a month on Saturdays programming.

The programme has had in the line-up names like Alexander Kowalski, Dustin Zahn, Petar Dundov, Heiko Laux, Samuel S. Session, Oscar Palacios and Delusions, among many others.

Also you can find on the programme special Showcase nights such as Sintetics label night or Enemy Showcase night.

Moreover, they often have some details for party goers like fruits or candy.

Moog Club

The very space of this club makes it the ideal party place in Barcelona. The lights, the flooring, the mirrors, metal and wood with a techno-punk air, give the club a festival-like touch.

We have to point out that the style of the club is mainly oriented towards techno, though there can be other styles of electronic music like house, electro or minimal.

In Moog you can enjoy good djs, local as well as international, such as Rabent, Fran Navaez, Olmos, NX1, Angel Alanis, among others. This is one of the techno clubs one must visit when you are in Barcelona and also a good place to meet people.


Is the club on Thursday nights at City Hall. It can be said that Thursdays in Barcelona are of Club4.

This parties organized by B4 Bookings are an important reference for techno in the city, one of the best electronic music clubs in Barcelona and right in the city centre.

In Club4 are held Label nights, special long dj sets and other specific parties. Normally you can find playing Djs such a Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Sian, Misstress Barbara, Dubfire and many others.


Even though Insert is a club that just opened very recently, it has become the hallmark of the industrial clubs in Barcelona. Insert is compared with clubs like Tresor in Berlin.

It offers sessions of quality underground techno on a standard basis, which makes it a club thought of for a public with a deeper knowledge of the techno genre.

Insert has a fixed location in winter, now is characterized for offering itinerant parties, because its concept is known well.

Its resident Djs are Audiolux , Tork and Men, and in addition its line-up has included Pfirter, Flug, Tadeo, James Ruskin and Tommy Four Seven, among others.

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