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Barcelona is a city that knows about the importance of public transportation. In that sense, the entire city is reached either by Metro, Bus or Tram.

On the other hand, driving in Barcelona has its complications. Actually, many people who own a car will use it most likely on nearby escapades, but not so much to move around the city.

Learn how to move around Barcelona by public transport and make the most of your trip.


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How to move around Barcelona

Barcelona features three main transport systems: metro, bus and tram. All systems use the same transport ticket and were designed as a network that covers the entire city and the outskirts.

Barcelona Metro

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The metro is the most popular transportation system in the city. Overall, is the fastest and easiest way to move around Barcelona.

Barcelona Bus

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More than 200 bus lines and 17 night routes operate in Barcelona, making it a fast and unexpensive way for getting to your destination, anytime of the day.

Barcelona Tram

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Even though the Tram in Barcelona doesn’t cover the entire Barcelona surface, it services some areas of the city not well connected in the past. The Barcelona Tram is extremely modern, works smoothly and it’s very pleasant to use.

FGC Railways

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The FGC Railway (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat), is a network of urban and suburban trains that connect Barcelona with other cities in Catalonia, such as Sant Cugat, as well as touristic areas like Montserrat.

Cable cars and funiculars

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These transport systems service mainly touristic spots in the city. You can get to Montjuic, Barceloneta or Tibidabo whilst enjoying the best views in Barcelona.

Biking in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a bike friendly city, especially in recent years, thanks to the city’s effort in mantaining and creating new bike routes. If you rent a bike, you can move around Barcelona pretty much everywhere.

Taxis in Barcelona

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Taxis in Barcelona are plentiful and non expensive, so it’s the best choice for a quick trip. It’s also the fastest way of getting to the airport from the city center (aprox. 30€).

Barcelona Transport Passes 2020


The Barcelona transport system is divided into six zones. Zone 1 covers all the Metropolitan area of the city, so unless you’re planning to travel outside Barcelona, you should stick with Zone 1 tickets.

All transport passes are integrated and be used for MetroBusesTram and FGC Railway. RENFE short distance train service works with separate tickets. These are the most popular tickets:


Single TicketT-DayT-Casual T-FamiliarT-UsualT-Grup
This ticket only works for a single ride of any length for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Important: this is the only ticket that does not allow transfers from the metro to bus, tram or FGC Railway and only works for Zone 1. Price: 2,40€
Aimed to tourists, this ticket gives you unlimited use of the whole transport system for one day. Notice that it’s valid from the moment you validate until the end of the day, (it doesn’t work for 24 hours). Requires passport number and it’s a one-person ticket. Price: 10,50€ (Zone 1).
It’s worth for 10 rides of any lenght and allows transfers without charging a new ride for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. This ticket is only for individual use. Price: 11,35€ (Zone 1).
Multi person ticket worth 8 rides. It can be used for 30 consecutive days since activation. Price: 10,00€ (Zone 1).
This ticket is only for individual use. Offers unlimited rides for 30 consecutive days, so it’s the right choice for a long stay. Price: 40,00€ (Zone 1).
Multi person ticket worth for 70 rides. It can be used for 30 consecutive days since activation. Price: 79,45€ (Zone 1).


Hola BCN Transport Pass

Hola BCN is a transport pass that offers unlimited access to the entire Barcelona transportation network. Features 2, 3, 4 and 5 day tickets, helping you save money in your process of discovering Barcelona. It covers metro, buses, tram, FGC Railway and Renfe suburban trains.

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Barcelona Airport and Cruise Transfers

Here you’ll find all information you need about getting from Barcelona airport to the city center, as well as how to get to Barcelona from the Cruise Port.

Getting from the airport to Barcelona

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There are many ways of getting from El Prat Airport to Barcelona. We have compiled a list of them so you can decide which one suits you better upon your arrival. Check it here.

More transport options in Barcelona

The best tours in Barcelona

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Admire the most famous monument in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia through this 1,5 hour guided tour that includes fast track entrance and visit to the towers for extraordinary views of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia and Park Güell Fast Track Guided Tour (with transfer)

Discover two of the most precious landmarks in Barcelona: Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. This tour includes fast track entrance, guided visit and transfer to both of these monuments designed by Gaudi.

Park Güell Fast Track Entrance and Guided Tour

Visit one of Barcelona’s most amazing landmarks in this 1,5 hour guided tour of Park Güell. Learn all about this magnificent modernist work by Gaudi, one of the places that make Barcelona a unique city.

Sagrada Familia guided tour - Fast Track entrance

This 1,5 hour guided tour will give you instant access to Barcelona’s biggest landmark: Sagrada Familia. Enjoy the most impressive architecture and ornaments with a Fast Track entrance.

Montserrat morning tour from Barcelona

Immerse yourself in the magic of Montserrat, one of the most special locations near Barcelona. This morning guided tour invites you to explore this mountain retreat, as well as its monastery, funiculars and mountain paths leading to spectacular views.

Game of Thrones Girona guided tour

Experience the magic of the fabulous Girona’s historical center through the scenarios of Game of Thrones. Explore the medieval city, one of the settings of the famous hit TV show, in this 6 hour guided tour from Barcelona.

Day trip to Girona and Figueres with Dalí Museum

Enjoy Girona and Figueres, Salvador Dalí’s hometown in this guided full day tour. Walk through the picturesque streets of medieval Girona and visit the Dalí-Theater Museum in Figueres, the biggest collection of the surrealist artist.

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