After the Metro, taking the bus is one of the most popular transportation options in Barcelona. Recently, the whole bus network was restructured and a new set of lines were created. Now, taking the Bus in Barcelona is much more practical and efficient.

The new lines scan Barcelona in three different directions: vertical, horizontal and diagonal, and each bus number is identified with the prefix letter, for example a bus that covers the city horizontally will begin with the letter H and so on. The idea for the new bus lines is basically to improve the efficiency of the network that suffered from slow service in many lines, especially on sundays or holidays.

Having these additional lines with a greater distance among them and a faster speed compared to the regular bus stops, will create sort of an express bus line, reducing the average bus time on each trip by 13%.

Among the improvements made for this new bus network is setting up preferential bus lanes and traffic lights, better located bus stops in order to enhance the connection between the regular bus lines, the Metro and the Tram system, 100% accesible for disabled people and bus stops equipped with screens informing on waiting times and service disruptions.


  • Understanding the Bus Network is more complicated than the Metro. Getting a Bus Map on paper of all the bus lines is not possible, however there are good news as now you can have them on your smartphone for free downloading the Apps specially designed for Iphone and Android, which will allow you to have the whole network in the palm of your hand.
  • Every bus stop has a layout of the entire bus network, the map of the lines that operate that bus stop and many have informative screens indicating the arrival of the next bus.
  • If the bus you’re waiting for has in display: “A Cotxera”, it means that is no longer operating, you might then choose another transportation option.
  • There is a Nocturnal Bus Service (Nitbus) in Barcelona that works from 22:20 hours until 6:00, with an estimated frequency of 20 minutes between buses. All of the existing lines have stops at Plaza Cataluña.

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