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Since its beginning, the main goal of the Barcelona Zoo has been the conservation and scientific research of wildlife in a public urban environment, providing recreational services for the whole family.

It’s the perfect plan if you’re travellingto Barcelona with kids.


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A park within a park

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The Barcelona Zoo is a park within another park. It’s located inside Parc de la Ciutadella, the biggest park in Barcelona.

Over time, a big effort was made in order to increase the species living in the zoo. Since the 1950’s, major renovations have been taking place in order to reproduce the animals’ natural habitat.

In fact, in 1966 an important addition was made with Snowflake, the only known albino gorilla in the world, who became the symbol and image of the zoo.

Unfortunately, Snowflake passed away in 2003, but the legacy has been so enduring that even an animated movie called Snowflake, the White Gorilla, was produced in 2011.


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Species in the Barcelona Zoo

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The best way to start the visit is to identifing which species you’d like to know first. Choose between the farm, the aviary, the reptile House or the aquarama, to name a few.

Currently, the Barcelona Zoo has a very large number of different species. Each group is classified into different habitats, such as mammals, birds, amphibian and reptiles.

Some of the most popular species are the penguins, camels, zebras, african elephants, gorillas, Sumatra tigers, dolphins, giraffes, flamingos, lions, rhinoceros and hippopotamus.

One of the highlights is the penguin house. Experience and learn how this south american species of Humboldt penguins live.

Last but not least, don’t miss the dolphin shows in the Aquarama, taking place everyday at 11:30, 13:30 and 16:30.

Working hours

It opens everyday at 10:00, closing hours depend on the season:

  • March 27 to May 15 and September 16 to October 27, closes at 19:00
  • May 16 to September 15, closes at 20:00
  • October 28 to March 26, closes at 17:30
  • December 25 closes at midday

Barcelona Zoo Tickets

Buy Tickets for the Barcelona Zoo

How to get there

Metro: Line 4. Ciutadella Villa Olímpica Station
Tram: Line T4. Ciutadella Villa Olímpica Station
Bus: #14, #39 and #51
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