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The Dalí Theater Museum is the most important museum dedicated to the catalan surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Located in his hometown of Figueres, it’s one of the most popular day trips from Barcelona.

Immerse yourself in the unique universe of Dalí visiting this one-of-a-kind exhibition.


Day trip Dalí Theater Museum in Figueres + Girona

History of the Dalí Theater Museum

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After Dalí was asked to donate a painting to his native town of Figueres, he agreed to do so but on a much bigger scale. He took the former Figueres Theater, and transformed it into his very personal museum. His interest in constructing this museum had many reasons, as he said in his own words:


“Where, if not in my own town, should the most extravagant and solid of my work endure, where if not here? The Municipal Theatre, or what remained of it, struck me as very appropriate, and for three reasons: first, because I am an eminently theatrical painter; second, because the theatre stands right opposite the church where I was baptised; and third, because it was precisely in the hall of the vestibule of the theatre where I gave my first exhibition of painting.”Salvador Dalí

The resulting work is far from what you’d get at a conventional museum. Every room has a very distinct personality. There is everything from paintings, drawings and sculpture to photographs, engravings and holograms.

There are very interesting artistic installations, such as the Wind Palace Room, the Rainy Cadillac and the Mae West Room.

A considerable part of Dalí’s legacy was distributed between this museum and the Reina Sofía in Madrid, so if you’re looking for some of his best paintings, you won’t be dissappointed.

Dalí’s crypt lies in one of the lower levels of the museum and can also be visited.


Guided Tour: Dalí Theater Museum in Figueres + Girona

Who was Salvador Dalí?

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Salvador Dalí is a very important figure in the artistic scenario of Catalonia, and one the most universal Spanish artists. He was pivotal in the development of surrealism and his legacy has traspassed generations.

Much of his work might be scattered around the globe, but Catalonia is the only place where you can witness the places he lived and worked.

Day trip Dalí Theater Museum in Figueres + Girona


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