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The Barcelona Port Cruise is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. The biggest cruise companies in the world have Barcelona as one of their main destinations and also as a point of departure.

Not only because of the great interest that Barcelona sparks as a destination, but also thanks to the great infrastructure of the Cruise Port.

If you’re coming to Barcelona on a Cruise, we want to share some recommendations on the best ways for getting to Barcelona from the Cruise Port Terminals.


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From Barcelona to the Cruise Terminal

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Port Bus

The Port Bus is a bus service available at the Barcelona Port. Although it runs back and forth between the Cruise Terminals at the Adossat Quay and the Columbus Monument, please note that this is not a regular bus service and only works whenever there are cruises arriving to Barcelona.

Check the returning schedule at your stop or with the bus driver. The one way ticket costs 2,50€ and the round trip 3,50€.


Taking a taxi is the easiest way (and most expensive also) to get to Barcelona from the cruise terminals. Depending on the demand the service can be fast and reliable, however sometimes you may expect big lines to catch one.

On the other side, the ride to Columbus Monument is generally fast and you should expect to pay between 12-15€, as there is a suplementary charge for being picked up on the Port.

Remember to write down the Terminal you’re in so you don’t get lost on the way back to the cruise.


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From the Airport to the Cruise Port

There is no direct connection between the Seaport and the Airport, so if you’re coming to Barcelona by plane and you’re catching a cruise later on, there is the obvoius choice of taking a taxi, but if your travel group is small or you travel by your own, there are less expensive ways to get from the Airport to the Cruise Port.

Once at the Prat Airport, take the Aerobus (single ticket 5,90€) until the first stop in Plaza España, then take the Metro Line 3 and ride until Drassanes Station.

Once there you can catch the Port Bus and reach the Cruise Port for 10,40€. If money’s not a trouble, book a private transfer from the airport to the cruise port terminal.

Check out more ways of going from the Airport to Barcelona.

Location of the Cruise Port Terminals

There are seven cruise terminals in the Barcelona Port:

  • Terminals A, B, C and D are located on the Adossat Quay.
  • Terminals S, N and E are located in the World Trade Center. Depending on which terminal your cruise arrives, there are different ways to reach Barcelona.

World Trade Center, Terminals S, N and E

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Adossat Quay, Terminals A, B, C and D

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