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Apart from the metro, buses and tram, Barcelona has another transport system. The FGC Railway (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat), is a network of urban and suburban trains that connect Barcelona with other cities and nearby towns in Catalonia. It’s recognized by its quality and good service.


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FGC Railway map lines

Even though they are operated by a different entities, the FGC railway it’s integrated with the Barcelona transport network.

The lines with the prefix L are all urban lines within the Barcelona limits. Those under the prefix S, stand for Suburban lines (heading to Sant Cugat, Sabadell, Terrassa and Universitat Autonoma).

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The prefixed lines R stand for Interurban lines, that head to the suburbs, going as far as Manresa and Igualada.

In addition, FGC operates other mountain railway lines: The Montserrat Rack Railway, going to the mountain top of the Montserrat Monastery and the Vall de Núria Rack Railway in Nuria’s Valley Retreat.

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Last but not least, the FGC systems also operate several funicular railways, two of them by Montserrat (Santa Cova and Sant Joan) and the Vallvidrera Funicular, reaching the top of the Tibidabo.

Most popular tickets & prices for 2018

Tickets can be bought directly in every station through automatic vending machines, all accepting cash, credit and debit cards.

The following tickets are valid only for the Barcelona Zone 1. If you’re travelling outside the metropolitan area, check the zone of your destination.

Single TicketT-DayT-10 T-50/30T-Month
This ticket only works for a single ride of any lenght for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Important: this is the only ticket that does not allow transfers from the metro to bus, tram or FGC Railway and only works for Zone 1. Price: 2,20€
Aimed to tourists, this ticket gives you unlimited use of the whole transport system for one day. Notice that it’s valid from the moment you validate until the end of the day, (it doesn’t work for 24 hours). Requires passport number and it’s a one-person ticket. Price: 8,60€ (Zone 1).
This is the most popular ticket used by the Barcelona residents. It’s worth for 10 rides of any lenght and allows transfers without charging a new ride for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. It can be used by several people simultaneously. Price: 10,20€ (Zone 1).
Works exactly like the T-10, except that is worth for 50 rides in a space of 30 days. It’s a one-person ticket. Price: 43,50€ (Zone 1).
Follows the same rules as the T-50/30 only that it gives you unlimited rides in a space of 30 days, so it’s the right choice for a long stay. It’s also a one-person ticket. Price: 54,00€ (Zone 1).


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