In recent years Barcelona has become increasingly bike friendly, thanks to the city’s effort in mantaining and creating new bike routes, but even though the use of personal bikes is very popular, we’re still light years behind cities like Berlin, Stockholm or Amsterdam.

Bicing is a very popular public bike rental service but if you’re in town for a short stay, forget about the this option. This system is only for residents and requires to have a bank account and Barcelona address, so the best alternative is to rent one or book a bicycle tour like some of the following.

Recommendations for biking in Barcelona

  • You want to rent a bicycle but you’re new in the city and you have no idea where to go? Start by downloading a complete Bike route Map of all the city made by the Barcelona City Hall, or you can download the app “Carril Bici Barcelona” that works with Android and IPhone and indicates you the nearest bike route.
  • Bike helmets are required by law, but the practice is not heavily reinforced, so it’s your choice, but they are recommended to avoid any possible injuries.
  • Biking on sidewalks is permitted as long as it’s 5 meters (16 Ft) or wider, however officers usually (but not always) turn a blind eye on this practice. On the worst case scenario they will ask you to walk with your bike. Also remember that pedestrians have priority.
  • Love biking and listening to music? Yes, it’s a great feeling but some police officers will fine you if you are spotted, although as usual, this rule is also not taken very seriously. Better use your microphones on pedestrian pathways only (Olympic Port or the beach esplanade for example)
  • One law that is taken very seriously and you should be aware of is the one regarding biking and drinking alcohol. Police officers will have no trouble stopping you and asking for an alcohol breath test. If positive the fine can be substantial, so if you’re drinking it’s better to walk with your bike, especially on weekend nights.

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