Barceloneta Beach

Named as the Nº 1 urban beach in the world by National Geographic, Barceloneta Beach is the most well-known and visited beach during the summer and winter as well, where endless activity takes place all day long.

Located between the Sant Sebastià and the Somorrostro Beach, it was one of the first beaches in Barcelona to go under a severe transformation when  the remodeling of the coast line took place for the 1992 Olympic Games.

The result is an extensive two-leveled boardwalk called Paseo Marítimo (Beach promenade) that starts right at this beach. The first one at ground level where depending on the season you can find, stores and beach related services. The upper one at street level is an observation point of the beach and perfect for practicing biking or running.

What can I find at Barceloneta Beach?

  • Closest beach to the city center.
  • Sports. The practice of Vollyball and ping-pong is widely popular.
  • Safety. As all beaches in Barcelona, there is lifeguard and Red Cross attendance.
  • Children playground areas.
  • Showers as well as dressing rooms, all adapted for the disabled.
  • Deck chairs and umbrella renting service.
  • Free Wifi and baggage lockers.
  • Friends. This is one of the most popular beaches among tourists and foreigners, so you’ll probably find many people who speak your own language.


The beach forms an inseparable entity with the Barceloneta District, and it represents the best example of the city’s relationship with the Mediterranean Sea. The beach can be seen as an extension of the neighborhood.

But Barceloneta’s reputation is not just sustained by its name, the title for being the most visited beach in Barcelona is justified for being located very close to Metro stations, as well as several Bus lines.

Fine food and drinks are a heavy reason too, you can end your day at the beach by dining in one of the best seafood restaurants of Barcelona, or just relax with a cocktail in one of the endless bars located just meters away from the sand.


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How to get there

Metro Line 4: Barceloneta Station.
Bus: #17, #36, #39, #45, #59, #64, #D20


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